Our 3 shelters are located around the lake, on our field. The lake is located about 200-250 meters from the farm and the café. The three shelters, which are all the same, measure 3.2 x 2.8 meters, and therefore have room for 4 people each.

Foam mattresses are laid out on the floor. It is assumed that you bring your own bed linen etc.

however, this can be rented if desired.

The three shelters in timber has "kalmarbrædder" and have "Sedum mats" on the roof, it is really nice, and then it helps that it does not get so hot in the "cabin". They are also equipped with mosquito nets. The two shelters on the west side, are well sheltered by trees and shrubs, and can enjoy the sunrise. The shelter on the east side of the lake is a little more exposed to the wind, but in return enjoys the sunset to the full. There is access to drinking water and electricity approx. 100 meters from the lake.

For each shelter there is a fireplace, as well as chairs and a table. Nearby the 2 shelters on the west side of the lake, there is a toilet cabin. This is for common use for all 3 shelters. At the courtyard, next to the Café, there is another toilet trolley, which contains two bathrooms with toilet, sink and shower. Outside there is a kitchen sink with hot and cold water, for e.g. to do the dishes.

By and around the lake, there is a fine wildlife, with i.a. frogs, blish hens and ducks, and you can be lucky to see the fox and deer, and at dusk there are i.a. bats in the air. In the lake we have exposed pumpkin carp, which have gradually gained a good size. Fishing is not allowed!