Our 3 shelters are built around the private lake in our field, approximately 200 meters from the guesthouse and the café. The shelters are all identical, 3,2 x 2,8 meters and with room for 4 people. Inside the shelters you will find foam mattresses, and you will have to bring your own linen or rent it at the B&B.

The shelters are built with wide boards/planks and have grass covered roofs, and all are equipped with mosquito nets. The two shelters on the west side are sheltered by bushes and trees and offer a beautiful view of the sunset. About 100 meters from the lake you will find both electricity and drinking water.

Each shelter comes with a fireplace, tables and chairs. Toilets are located close by. At the guesthouse there are also a modern toilet and shower unit as well as an outdoor kitchen sink.

The area around the lake is bustling with wildlife such as frogs, coots, ducks and deer, and if you are lucky, you might also see the fox. At dusk, bats roam the air around the field. Though the lake features fish, no fishing is allowed.

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