The apartments:

Prices include linen, towels, water and electricity, cleaning and breakfast.

The prices start at a basic cost for one person, including breakfast, and rises by 200 DKK per person over 8 years. Children under 8: 100 DKK including breakfast.

Apartment L1 The Farmhouse: 1000 DKK

Apartment L2 First floor: 600 DKK

Apartment L3 The Henhouse: 800 DKK

Apartment L4 The Annex: 800 DKK


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The price includes access to toilets and shower, fireplace and wood, breakfast.

The prices start at a basic cost for one person and rises by 165 DKK per person over 8 years, including breakfast. Children under 8: 80 DKK including breakfast. The price is the same for all shelters, and the basic cost is 250 DKK.

Quilt, pillow, sheet, linen and towel: 80 DKK

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A family of 6 people in apartment L1. 4 adults and 2 children under 8. Basic cost 1000 DKK plus 3 adults at 200 DKK each and 2 children at 100 DKK each = 1800 DKK for 1 night including breakfast.


Discount for longer stays

3-5 days: 10% discount

6-13 days: 20% discount

For longer stays, you can speak to us about a further discount.



Motorcycles and bikes can be parked under a roof in an area with camera surveillance.


Horse hotel

If you arrive on horseback, we offer stable units or paddock, Please call Christina for further info.