About Mollis

Mollis bed and breakfast is run by Christina Sørensen and Torben Jensen, with help from family and employees.

Our bed and breakfast started in 2019, but we are not unexperienced with bed and breakfast, as we have run "Rosenvang" bed and breakfast and "Ferie på landet" for 8 years. However, we shut down in 2010 as we would rather spend time and energy on our children. The children has now grown up, and we once again have the time and desire to dedicate ourselves to the role of hosts.

We have spent the last year renovating our property, and can now offer 4 family apartments and 3 shelters, as well as fine communal facilities. The apartments are very different, both in size and decor, and you can read more about them in the menu item "Apartments".


Our 3 Shelters are newly built, and all have the possibility of accommodation for 4 people. They are built in "kalmarbrædder" and have grass on the roof. There is a toilet nearby and by the courtyard is a toilet cart with 2 bathrooms with toilet and shower. See more in the menu item "Shelters".

Breakfast is served to all guests, in our breakfast café. We offer a delicious breakfast buffet, with i.a. homemade bread and jam, fresh fruit and much more, as well as of course coffee, tea and juice etc.

There is the opportunity to enjoy the food indoors in our large common room, but also the opportunity to pull out, under the large canopy, or completely out in the open, in our cozy garden / courtyard environment.


Kontor & Cafe


In and around the Café, you will also find our office, as well as various games, books, TV and wifi, as well as a small selection of tourist brochures and the like.

If you come on a motorcycle, moped or on an expensive bike, you have the opportunity to park in our carport, which is camera-monitored.

Our farm is also home to our landscape gardening company, as well as our 3 horses and hobby animals, which currently make up 1 dog, 4 cats, as well as chickens and budgies. Unfortunately we do not offer riding, but you are welcome to make an agreement to help feed and groom the horses.

Bonus info: Mollis bed and breakfast, is named after one of our favorite perennials Alchemilla mollis, which in Danish is called lodden løvefod!